Few things in life are as anti-Christian as Deicide. With a name that essentially translates to slaying God, Glen Benton and his band of metal marauders have never masked their intention to make on the most extreme and evil metal possible. The band continues with that mission and will unleash its 11th album 'In the Minds of Evil' this fall on Century Media.

While the group and label did not share an exact release date, as it's likely still up in the air if finishing touches are being put on the album, they did offer up the track listing, which is 11 songs strong and includes titles like 'Kill the Light of Christ' and 'Trample the Cross.'

Jason Suecoff manned the boards for the disc. Earlier this year, drummer Steve Asheim told Decibel, "We're going to get down and dirty this time around, so expect the lyrics to be brutal." We'll be bracing for satanic impact.

Deicide 'In the Minds of Evil' Track Listing

1. 'In the Minds of Evil'
2. 'Thou Begone'
3. 'Godkill'
4. 'Beyond Salvation'
5. 'Misery of One'
6. 'Between the Flesh and the Void'
7. 'Even the Gods Can Bleed'
8. 'Trample the Cross'
9. 'Banished by Evil'
10. 'Kill the Light of Christ'
11. 'End the Wrath of God'