As usual, fans the world over have been marveling at the shape of Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen keeps himself in. The ripped, rock-hard musician shows of his torso along with his fiery fret skills at each show, and some may wonder if it's hard to stay in shape while on the road.

But Collen says it's no problem.

Backstage at a recent Southern California stop on the band's wildly successful 'Mirror Ball' tour, Collen told Noisecreep, "It's actually not too bad. It's sort of like being at home in that I can just make some time to work out each day, wherever I happen to be. Being on the road is no excuse for me not staying in shape."

The 53-year-old seems to defy the aging process, but it's actually just a lot of hard work and dedication. He's been a vegetarian for 27 years, and kicked booze 24 years ago. He started jogging to fill the extra time and today, he's an expert Muay Thai kickboxer, and maintains a vigorous weightlifting routine.

Collen added that the benefits of a healthy diet and exercise are "Like feeling about 20 years younger than you really are. What's better than that?"

Collen's trainer, Jean Carrillo, is an international Muay Thai kickboxing championship trainer. While he can't always go on the road with his rocker client to work him out the way he does at home, the world-renowned Carrillo did visit Collen before the Irvine, Calif. show to put him through some drills.

Noisecreep was able to shoot some exclusive video of the pre-show exercise. Check it out below:

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Def Leppard is currently out on tour in the US with Heart. Head to this link for all dates.

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