Dead Cross (featuring Mike Patton and Dave Lombardo) performed in the Bay Area of California last night (Aug. 23) and invited Dead Kennedys legend Jello Biafra onstage to sing a special song. Dead Cross jammed the Dead Kennedys’ iconic anthem “Nazi Punks F—k Off,” but changed it slightly to “Nazi Trumps F—k Off.”

Vocalist Mike Patton is back onstage with Dead Cross after being forced to miss a recent show after wiping out on his skateboard. Patton got stitched up and made up for the cancelled gig the very next night, continuing on with Dead Cross’ tour.

The band stopped in Berkeley, Calif. last night, a notoriously liberal and anti-Trump part of the country. Before inviting Jello onstage, the entirety of Dead Cross made a wardrobe change, coming back wearing black shirts with “Nazi Trumps F—k Off” printed on the front along with the president’s face crossed out.

“Two words: Jello. Biafra,” Patton said, surprising the crowd with the punk singer’s appearance. “Sorry Mariah Carey was supposed to do this song, but that turned out to be fun with fake news,” Biafra told the crowd. “So… now… more… than… ever… Nazi Trump f—k off!”

Dead Cross ripped into the DK cut, sending the crowd into a frenzy as the room chanted along with the song’s slightly edited chorus. Check out some fan-shot footage of the jam above! For the rest of Dead Cross’ North American tour dates, click here.

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