Unfortunately more than a few acts have been hit by theft over the years and during a recent appearance on the Hangin' & Bangin' podcast (heard below), longtime drummer Dave Lombardo revealed he's twice been victimized during his run as a musician, including the loss of some of his classic era Slayer drumkits.

Lombardo was asked about how many drums he had amassed over the years, revealing in the process that it's not as many as some might think. "Unfortunately, I don't have many. Two storage units, at two different times in periods of my life, were broken into," he explained (as transcribed by Ultimate Guitar).

"I think, probably five [or] six drum kits out of the first storage unit were stolen. It was cleaned out - everything, road cases," he continued. "And Slayer's rehearsal room that we were at in Riverside was broken into; everything was stolen, all my classic drum sets."

The drummer revealed that he's been slowly building up his collection of drums after the two incidents and trying to "piece together some of my old classic kits from kits that I see online that are similar."

Lombardo is best known for his time behind the kit in Slayer, serving three stints in the band (1981-1986, 1987-1992 and 2001-2013). He's also had his hand in a number of other acts, including Philm, Fantomas, Dead Cross, Suicidal Tendencies, Misfits and Mr. Bungle.

Within the chat, Lombardo also discussed recently working with Ice-T on a remake of the song "Colors" and taking part in "a really bizarre project" with Satanic Planet during the pandemic.

Watch Dave Lombardo on the Hangin' & Bangin' Podcast

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