Dave Lombardo, the drummer and Slayer co-founder who's also hit skins for Mr. BungleMisfits, Suicidal Tendencies and more, recently said he could still play all of his old Slayer drum parts.

But the music he's playing now is more "difficult and challenging," he adds.

The topic came up in an interview Lombardo did with Sense Music Media last week (April 11). Currently, the drummer is also playing in outfits such as Empire State Bastard and Satanic Planet. Lombardo's debut solo album, Rites of Percussion, arrives next month.

Watch the video near the bottom of this post.

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"I could still play it," Lombardo replies when asked if he still has the physical stamina and dexterity to play his old Slayer material, as Blabbermouth reported.

However, "I think I play music that's a little more difficult and challenging now than Slayer," he continues.

Lombardo explains, "Slayer's music is machine-like. It's like a locomotive — just go, go, go, go, go. Now, I'm playing that, but the songs have a lot more changes. Mr. Bungle's music — it's a little more complex than what Slayer's was. And some other thrash bands I played recently with, the music has evolved to more complex rather than straightforward thrash."

He concludes, "I'm totally fine. I don't have any issues with my wrists, elbows, shoulders, joints. I hope it continues, 'cause I wanna play until I'm 90. I want them to take me from the wheelchair onto the throne. I play like a fucking madman and then back to the wheelchair, back to bed. [Laughs]"

In 1981, Lombardo launched Slayer with fellow Slayer co-founders Kerry KingTom Araya and the late Jeff Hanneman. Slayer are considered among the "Big Four" thrash metal acts. They disbanded in 2019 after a farewell tour with then-drummer Paul Bostaph.

Lombardo hits the road with Mr. Bungle in the U.S. this spring and fall. But the drummer won't be touring with Testament this year, another act that he's previously played with, leaving his position in that band unclear. Find Mr. Bungle tickets at this link.

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Dave Lombardo on Sense Music - April 11

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