Next month, New Jersey's Dark Empire are returning to the fray with their third release, 'From Refuge to Ruin.' Fusing elements of extreme and classic metal with '70s prog-rock, the band will surely appeal to fans of groups like Opeth and Nevermore.

Now armed with powerful new vocalist Brian Larkin (who replaces Jens Carlsson of Persuader and Savage Circus fame), Dark Empire are firing on all cylinders on 'From Refuge to Ruin.' Taking a cue from prog legends King Crimson, the group inventively utilizes vintage Mellotron and Hammond organ samples throughout the album, as well as delicate 12-string acoustic interludes and haunting, atmospheric melodies. This is metal for the forward-thinking fan.

Noisecreep is proud to bring you the exclusive premiere of 'The Crimson Portrait,' the third track on 'From Refuge to Ruin.'

Listen to 'The Crimson Portrait' From Dark Empire

Dark Empire lead guitarist Matt Moliti gave Noisecreep some background on the track:

"'The Crimson Portrait' has quickly become one of my favorite Dark Empire songs that we've ever done. With its haunting Mellotron intro and pounding 7-string riffs, it's the perfect track to showcase the newfound classic doom metal and '70s prog influences that are on the new record.. The really dark and heavy riffage was also a great backdrop to exercise some of the most personal lyrics that I've written yet."

'From Refuge to Ruin' hits stores on March 27 via Nightmare Records.