Dark Day Sunday, a thrashy new band featuring Shadows Fall drummer Jason Bittner manning the kit and guitarist Frank Aresti, late of prog giants Fates Warning, have teamed up with Noisecreep to premiere the lyric video for "HalfWay to GodZ." Here, the band adopts a different approach to the standard convention of a lyric video. They apply a similar principle with their music.

Dark Day Sunday, who will make their live debut opening for Dream Theater this coming weekend, are planning to play more shows and to release an EP in September that will be available for sale worldwide. They are also working on various multimedia elements to support that release.

As for the lyric video, Aresti told Noisecreep, "We wanted to make a lyric video that would reflect the song's meaning, the horrors of war and of blindly following dogma. I think the result is a pretty powerful statement."

Watch "Halfway to GodZ" Video

Vocalist Marc Lopes, who created the video, chimed in, saying, "I'm really into World War II archival footage." That's obvious! But he was inspired to use it in a different way, saying, "I guess it's the tone and raw feel of it which I thought would compliment the song. The song has multiple points of view: One being from the perspective of a soldier preparing to go into battle and kinda pumping himself up....because it is kill or be killed."

He continued, "The other perspective is how some leaders have put themselves in an almost godlike status. How their quest for Godhood is never fully achieved hence the halfway concept....that's a real rough idea of the concept for the video and the song of course we like to leave room for the listener and the viewer to have an interpretation of it for themselves as well."

Lopes was quick to point out that he's not making any sort of political statement. "This by no means is a political point of view or anything like that," he said. "I guess I picked that period of time because the footage looks really cool and it was easily accessible; it was a time period where maybe it was a little bit more definable to see who the good guys and the bad guys were if there is such a thing in war...because it's all perspective in my opinion."

Aresti also commented on his his past and his future, musically speaking, saying, "I love playing with Fates, but DDS has a special place in my heart. I grew up listening to late '70s British punk and hardcore, then to early American thrash. I absolutely love this music."

The band's shows with Dream Theater at the Main Street Armory in Rochester, N.Y. on Friday, June 15, and Artpark in Lewiston, N.Y. on Sunday, June 17.

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