When Daath's debut, 'The Hinderers' was released in 2007, much ado was made about the concept behind the band. While Kabbalah is often seen as a celebrity-driven, hip, spiritual trend, with the likes of Madonna and Britney Spears sporting red bracelets that symbolize their interest in this particular sect of Jewish mysticism, an ex-member of Daath was interested in the tenets and thus, the thread was woven through the band's overall concept for a brief time.

Fast forward to 2009, and the rock press is still asking the band about this issue. Daath guitarist Eyal Levi wants to clear up the misconceptions by distancing himself from that former concept as much as possible! "We want people to stop asking us about the Kabbalah," Levi told Noisecreep. "My band has nothing to do with it. If people still ask us about this, it's because the are reading press releases from three years ago.

"A guy who was in the band three years ago was into it, and tried to make it a concept. But we are about music, with no concept or path! We just wanted to make great metal, from a very real place. There is no need to add some academic construct to it! Why not kick ass, make some great sounds and scream about things that mean something? The member is gone and the concept is gone, since none of us are into it!"

Daath's 'The Concealers' is concept-free, it kicks a whole world of metal ass, and it's out now on Century Media!

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