Craig Mabbitt is best known as the frontman of Las Vegas destroyers Escape the Fate.

Last year, Mabbitt and company released 'Escape the Fate,' their third album, and first outing on Interscope Records. Since then, the group has toured the world like madmen, spreading their sleaze 'n' roll gospel. But now with the holiday season is full swing, Mabbitt has taken some time out of his schedule to offer up his take on a modern Christmas chestnut.

Noisecreep is excited to bring you the exclusive premiere of Mabbitt's take on 'Making Christmas,' a song taken from Danny Elfman's revered 1993 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' soundtrack. The Escape the Fate frontman recorded the track with the help of Kevin Gruft aka Thrasher and producer Erik Ron.

"'The Nightmare Before Christmas' has been a favorite of mine since I sang along to it with my mom, and now my daughter sings along with me too. I can't tell you how excited I was to do this cover – mostly just to show her [laughter]. I can't think of a better song to do for the best season in the whole year than this one,' an excited Mabbitt tells Noisecreep about 'Making Christmas.'

Listen to 'Making Christmas' From Craig Mabbitt

Mabbitt continues: "I owe so much thanks to Kevin, Eric Ron and Gus [drums] for helping put this track together. No one can beat the classics, although Danny Elfman is the man! I hope you enjoy listening to this rendition of 'Making Christmas' and happy holidays everyone!"

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