Now that Corey Taylor and other various members of Slipknot have revealed their new masks, the frontman admitted that the one he previously wore, during the band's We Are Not Your Kind album cycle, wasn't necessarily what he wanted.

We all know how important the masks are to Slipknot's aesthetic, so Taylor explained during a Q+A at Texas Frightmare Weekend that he spent three months designing the new one, which he debuted for the first time in early September.

"'Cause the last one was — it was cool but it wasn't exactly what I wanted to do. So this time around, I started early. I actually started designing this before the end of the We Are Not Your Kind cycle, just to make sure that I was ahead of the game and making sure I could dial in all the details and whatnot," he said.

Taylor worked with a designer named Conor Deless, who was able to very quickly come up with an idea based on the vision that the singer described to him.

"He really got to the essence of what I was trying to configure. It was almost immediate. And then, really, it was just a matter of waiting for him to build the damn thing," Taylor continued. "We did the mold. We built it right to my face, so it fits like a glove. And it's hot as balls, but it's so rad onstage. It just looks really, really cool. I'm calling it the 'Smiling Skull Mask.'"

The singer then added how revolting the mask is after he performs, as it covers his entire head and thus holds a lot more sweat than the ones that only went around his face.

Watch the full Q+A below.

While Taylor wasn't a huge fan of his prior mask, one Slipknot fan on their Reddit page truly was, because it hit close to home. They explained that they had to wear a transparent facial orthosis for almost two years to help with burns they'd suffered on their face, and it resembled Taylor's mask at the time.

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