Boston-based metallic hardcore band Converge have just dropped "Dark Horse," their first new song since the release of 2006's 'No Heroes.' The track comes from the band's upcoming album, 'Axe to Fall,' which hits October 20, and features tons of guest musicians, including members of Neurosis, Genghis Tron, Cave In, Disfear and Himsa. Actually, "Dark Horse" is one of the only songs on Axe to Fall that's guest-free. Fast and frenzied, the track – which is currently streaming online -- combines various tempos, riff structures and fractured melodies into a musically challenging web of sound.

"I just wanted to continue on the Converge concept of pushing ourselves forward and not repeating ourselves," guitarist Kurt Ballou tells Noisecreep. "I always want to create a new listening experience with each album that is not so different from the previous one that it's not Converge, but not so much the same that there's no reason to get it."

If "Dark Horse" sounds more progressive than many of the songs from No Heroes, it's not because Converge have all been listening to Cynic or hanging out with the guys in Mastodon.

"Ben [Koller], our drummer's taste in music has just gone more in a progressive rock direction over the past few years," says Ballou. "So I started writing songs to compliment his style going in that direction. And that was fine with me because I'm getting my more straightforward, raw punk aggression out in a yet-to be named hardcore side project that I started. So that leaves me free to get weird and progressive with Converge."

Ballou's side project also features bassist Trivikrama Dasa (108) and drummer Mike Justian (108, ex-The Red Chord). The band is still searching for a singer.