Clutch have weathered many a storm in their long, jam-filled career. They may be rolling two decades deep, but they are happy to be putting out music their own damn selves. The band is physically and digitally reissuing CD and vinyl versions of 'From Beale Street to Oblivion' (June 22), 'Robot Hive/Exodus' (Aug. 17) and 'Blast Tyrant' (Oct. 12).

The band is also releasing a DVD set, 'Live at the 9:30,' in May, which captures the Maryland/West Virginia band in its most natural and comfortable setting: live! Clutch are grizzled veterans, and guitarist Tim Sult checked in with Noisecreep about how they keep on ticking, regardless of the rock 'n' roll lickings, and offered some survival tips for young bands.

But he also revealed some teaser info about the live DVD, saying, "It's a full concert, includes a full performance of our second album and it's got a whole DVD of whacky tour footage, which is of more interest to general fans than the concert itself," Sult told Noisecreep. "The concert looks incredible, so they should watch it, too." He also joked that he is "personally embarrassed" by the non-concert footage but assures us that everyone will like it!

And now ... his survival tips:

-- "Never quit would be our main philosophy," Sult said. "For us, we got lucky early on. We opened for big bands that weren't particularly anything like us, but we played big shows early on to build the fan base. If you are a new band, play as many live shows as possible"

-- "It's better to release your own music," Sult also suggested. "We've been doing that."

-- "Don't let anyone from a record company give advice on anything, about life or your music in general," Sult said, some good-natured and well-earned cynicism detectable in his voice. "So overall, I would say don't quit and play as many shows as humanly possible."

While the rest of the band has migrated back to their native Maryland, Sult still calls wild, wonderful West Virginia home. "The band moved there in 1996 and we rented a jam house, in the far reaches of the D.C. area. But it was so much cheaper, so that was how I ended up there," Sult said. "Everyone moved back to Maryland. I'll be back in Maryland eventually, but West Virginia is dirt cheap!"

Sult wasn't about to dissect and dissolve those prevalent West Virginia stereotypes of toothless inbreds, saying, "Unfortunately, it would be the exact opposite," Sult said with a laugh. "There are stereotypes I would like to perpetuate."

Clutch will embark on yet another leg of their 2010 worldwide headlining tour in June, with their instrumental jazz rock alter ego the Bakerton Group appearing as one of the opening acts in the U.S.

Clutch tour dates

6/4 -- Huntington, WV -- V Club

6/5 -- Lexington, KY -- Buster's Billiards & Backroom

6/6 -- Toledo, OH -- Headliner's

6/7 -- Urbana, IL -- Canopy Club

6/9 -- Oklahoma City, OK -- Diamond Ballroom

6/10 -- Little Rock, AR -- The Village

6/12 -- Manchester, TN -- Bonnaroo

6/13 -- Montgomery, AL -- Strange Days

6/14 ---- Houma, LA -- The City Club of Houma

6/15 -- Beaumont, TX -- Whiskey River

6/17 -- Greenville, SC -- The Handlebar

6/18 -- Norfolk, VA -- Norva

6/19 -- Allentown, PA -- Crocodile Rock

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