Despite releasing an odds and ends compilation and mounting a successful tour last year, CKY's future has been in question as of late.

In a lengthy post on his personal Facebook page last August, vocalist/guitarist Deron Miller blasted the band with the following:

" one within the whole cky community keeps in touch with me AT ALL, or tells me anything, so, in addition to a zillion other reasons... it's no longer a possibility for me to be a part of CKY, and i can no longer work with some of the people within our organization, and chad already having left ( i could go on and on and on), i want to fulfill the remaining obligations, including any shows already booked and then im throwing the towel in. i dont think its fair that every time i have a negative opinion, complaint or angry rant...its because im drunk or loaded. NO... its because im frustrated, lied to, ripped off...and exhausted. it causes me a lot of stress being kept out of the loop and mentally its taking a huge toll on me."

Now according to a report today from our friends at, CKY has replaced Miller with Year Long Disaster vocalist/guitarist Daniel Davies.

The new CKY lineup just finished a handful of dates as part of the Soundwave Festival in Australia. According to, the band hopes to get to work on some Davies-fronted material in the near future. Daniel is the son of The Kinks guitarist Dave Davies.

Deron Miller is currently fronting World Under Blood, a death metal band also features drummer Tim Yeung of Morbid Angel.

Watch CKY Perform 'Rio Bravo' at the Soundwave Festival

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