CKY have been cranking out their left-of-center brand of hard rock since the late '90s. In that time, they've built the kind of die-hard following usually reserved for the jam band circuit. While they first gained notoriety when their songs were prominently featured on a series of popular skateboard videos starring Bam Margera (brother of CKY drummer Jess), it's the group's five studio albums and packed touring schedule that have truly made their career.

On March 22nd, CKY will be releasing the album 'B-Sides & Rarities'. Noisecreep is beyond excited to be presenting the world premiere of the acoustic version of 'To All of You' from the new release.

Listen to 'To All of You' (Acoustic)

"This song has to do with Deron's [CKY vocalist] upbringing, where he was being shuffled around to a bunch of different schools," Jess Margera told Noisecreep. "This was during his awkward teenage years. It's never fun being the new kid all of the time."

'B-Sides & Rarities' will be released by Mighty Loud, the label owned by Jackyl frontman Jesse James Dupree. We asked Margera how they hooked up with the chainsaw-wielding vocalist.

"That was actually my porn name in the '80s. Now I go by 'Long Don Jesse James,'" Margera said. "My wife says it's like an elephant's trunk down there. No, I'm just kidding about that. But seriously, that really was my porn name."

In this post-Charlie Sheen crazed world, who are we to question the man?