It's been five years since Circle of Dead Children have emerged from the Steel Town sewers with a new album, but these Pittsburgh-based, blackened crust grinders are escaping from the underground armed with the new album, 'Psalm of the Grand Destroyer,' a self-proclaimed "nasty bomb" due out June 8 on Willowtip.

The album shoots straight. There are no triggers. No drum samples. No guitar re-amping. No vocal processing. No mic manipulations. Just pure, hormone-fueled metal that comes from the deepest pits and recesses of their bowels. 'Psalm of the Grand Destroyer' was recorded by Scott Hull, who has his own mega awesome band, Pig Destroyer. Maybe CODC should have called the band 'Psalm of the Pig Destroyer.' The album boasts 14 new tracks and one re-do of 'Ursa Major,' from the band's 1998 debut, 'Starving the Vultures.' New drummer Matt Francis makes his debut on this recording as well.

As if their name wasn't an indication, Circle of Dead Children are anti-everything: life, death, the world, fun, positivity, you, me, themselves, Vinny at their label! The band will also be anti everyone who sees them perform at the Maryland Deathfest this May.

Vocalist Joe Horvath said in a statement, "After what seemed to be an endless amount of setbacks over the past several years, it feels great to not only have this release finally becoming a reality, but for it to be in our opinions, the best overall release we've done to date."

'Psalm of the Grand Destroyer' track list

1. 'Avatar of Innocence'

2. 'Ursa Major (1998 revisited)'

3. 'When Human Compost Stains All Earth and Repels the Messengers of Love'

4. 'Chaos Crawls Back'

5. 'Earth and Lye'

6. 'We Who Move With the Graven Worms'

7. 'Bury the Ill Flock'

8. 'Refuse to Kill the Same Way Twice'

9. 'Obsidian Flakes'

10. 'Last Words and Warning Signs'

11. 'Jaracaca'

12. 'Torches'

13. 'Night of Morbid Psycho'

14. 'Germinate the Reaper Seed'

15. 'Starve, Beg & Die a.k.a. F--- You Kill Me'