This year Pennsylvania hard rockers Cinderella celebrate the 25th anniversary of their debut album, 1986's 'Night Songs.' Produced by Andy Johns (Van Halen, Joe Satriani), the record featured smash hits like 'Shake Me,' 'Somebody Save Me,' and the everlasting power ballad, 'Nobody's Fool.'

Cinderella has been out on a headlining tour celebrating the album's anniversary since earlier this summer. "In the last couple of months we've been all over Europe and the US. We're in the middle of wrapping up the tour with these next few shows," drummer Fred Coury tells Noisecreep from the band's bus somewhere in America.

Cinderella's brand of blues informed rock doesn't get played on commercial radio anymore, but Coury is confident that will change again soon. "I think that whole "rock is dead" is a myth that the press made up. Rock, as a genre, never goes away. It just goes through phases where it does well commercially and other times when it doesn't. It comes down to cycles. I think the music business has gone back to the '60s model where singles are what drive the market rather than albums. There aren't any record stores left, so it's all sold digitally, but people are buying singles. That's where we are now," says Coury.

Written off by stuffy music critics as nothing more than an '80s has been act, Cinderella have silenced many of their detractors by routinely selling out their live appearances. "When people say that our kind of music is dead, I tell them to come out to one of our shows. We're filling venues up with fans that want to see this music live. And it's not just us. Other bands from our era are also out there doing great business," says Coury.

Noisecreep asks the Cinderella drummer what their secret to success has been these past few years. "I think a lot of people come out to our shows to go back in time. They hear a Cinderella song and it brings them right back to where they were when they first heard it. It brings them back to a younger time in their life. It can be something like, "I remember that girl I used to like when this song came out," or whatever. We're basically selling memories.

Watch 'Nobody's Fool' From Cinderella

"It doesn't even have to be us – it can be a Poison or Mötley Crüe song instead. It's has to do with a period in time for a lot of people. That's why these shows are packed. Look, we don't have a political message or anything like that in our music. People are coming out to have a great time. Our music will never die."

Noisecreep caught Cinderella's June 2nd show at the House of Blues in Hollywood and can attest to the band's live prowess. Even though they aren't in arenas anymore, the band brings that same kind of experience and feel to their performance. "We love playing those House of Blues shows. They really know how to deliver when it comes to a live music venue. They spent a lot of money on their sound systems and the investment was well worth it.

"But it doesn't matter where we play. We always try and give you the kind of rock show you'll remember. Cinderella came up in the '80s playing arenas and that's the energy we still bring to our shows."

Check out Cinderella at their final three US shows of their current 25th anniversary tour:

September 22 @ The Canyon Club - Agoura Hills, CA

September 23 @ House of Blues - Anaheim, CA

September 24 @ Silver Legacy Resort - Reno, NV