Marilyn Manson's ties with the Church of Satan have been largely debated. As Rolling Stone has reported, Manson writes in his autobiography that founder Anton Szandor LaVey certified him "as a minister in the Church of Satan." Whether or not he has ever had any actual duties that have been carried out remains largely unknown.

In a Twitter exchange that involves a since deleted tweet, one user wrote in regards to Manson's official role in the church: "Nope, he's an ordained priest for the Church of Satan. You said he wasn't, you were wrong. I can't take you seriously. No. 2 fan." The official Church of Satan Twitter account found the thread and replied, "No. Almost 30 years ago he was given an honorary priesthood for his real world accomplishments at the time. That is not 'ordained' nor is it related to anything he might say decades later."

In a 2007 interview with WikiNews, Church of Satan High Priest Peter Gilmore offered clarification that supports the above tweet. "[Manson's] a member who has been given an honorary priesthood. When asked about what Satanism is he can be very articulate in explaining it. But his own music is his own art. His stage shows are his own, and they don’t really exemplify Satanism in particular."

Most recently Manson has been having a tumultuous time on his co-headlining tour with Rob Zombie. First he canceled his Toronto set just moments before he was supposed to take the stage. Then a venue flooded due to severe whether and forced a cancelation of the entire show. Lastly he collapsed on stage in Texas due to "heat exhaustion." The remainder of the tour is currently ongoing.

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