Chuck MosleyChuck Mosley could kick himself. The only thing that stood between him performing with his old band Faith No More at their reunion shows in the U.K. this summer was that he didn't have a passport. Mosley, who fronted the rock giants in the mid-1980s before Mike Patton took over, had his passport stolen earlier this year, but he hadn't gotten round to replacing it.

"Roddy called me just before they went to England," Mosley tells Noisecreep, referring to FNM keyboard player Roddy Bottum. "He asked me to sing 'Reunited' with Mike, and then go on and do any of my songs that they played in the set. Unfortunately, I couldn't get my passport in time."

Clearly, the acrimony that followed Mosley's dismissal is over. He jokes that even during the legal wrangling, he always kept in touch with his bandmates. "Yeah, all the time. For the first couple of years when I was suing them," he jokes sardonically. "I can say that now, because it's all in the past," he adds more seriously. "But Roddy and I, we've never gone more than a couple of months without talking. He's the godfather to my first daughter."

Bottum guested on Mosley's long-awaited solo record, the wittily titled 'Will Rap Over Hard Rock for Food,' which was released in August and includes a version of Faith No More's iconic rap-rock song, 'We Care a Lot,' which Mosley co-wrote.

Should FNM play reunion shows in the U.S., Mosley says he'd love to guest with them -- as long as his band isn't on the road. "I have such good memories. The fighting never bothered me very much. I thought it kind of added to the live show. The tension and stuff on the record would translate over. I liked that."

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