Faith No More are hitting the road again for a minute. The band is headed back overseas to play some dates in late June. Their U.K. Sonisphere gig was axed, but they're plans to tour are not. Those lucky Europeans! [Brooklyn Vegan]

Ex-Black Sabbath and Heaven and Hell drummer Vinny Appice revealed that he has not been approached to fill in for holdout Bill Ward on the forthcoming Black Sabbath tour dates. Appice, who currently plays in Kill Devil Hill, said, "No, I haven't heard a peep. And that's why, even when I'm communicating with Tony [Iommi], it's on a friendship level. I never write in 'Hey man, what's happening?! Hey how you feeling? Feeling good? Oh, good! Hey, what's going on with the band? I'd love to do that!' I never do that. I never did that with Sabbath at all, or with Dio. I've always been asked to be in a band..." [Metal Insider]

The Rock of Ages official film poster has been revealed and it features Tom Cruise-as-Stacee- Jaxx,all shirtless and draped in fur! Rawr. Don't need nothin' but a good time. The film drops June 15 and features the music of the '80s that you know and love by '80s glam bands. It celebrates the decade of decadence. [Brave Words]

Watch Faith No More's "Ashes to Ashes" Video

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It looks like former Ratt bassist Juan Croucier will be rejoining the classic hard rock group for their upcoming appearance at the M3 Festival in Maryland on May 12. Croucier left the band in the mid-'90s. [Metal Sludge]

As part of its informative label showcase series, Scion AV lets metal fans have a keyhole view of the inner workings and philosophies of Prosthetic Records. Find out how the label's powers-that-be pick their bands – Guess what? How many Facebook fans a band has or how many gigs they've played doesn't matter in this office. Metal fans and aspiring bands will discover a lot about the Prosthetic machine in this interesting and insightful clip. [You Tube]

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