Traditional metal can be a cruel mistress indeed; newer bands are painted with the 'poser' or 'retro' brush, while older acts fade away into obscurity. There is a right and a wrong way to do it, but Olympia, Ore.'s heavy metal cult Christian Mistress do it in the best way possible.

Armed with a powerhouse vocalist and a fresh, innovative take on a classic sound, the band melds traditional NWOBHM harmonies and a full-force gallop with touches of West Coast thrash -- with a pure heart and soul all their own. Their debut six-song record, enitled 'Agony and Opium,' unleashed by the ever-innovative 20 Buck Spin and poised to become one of the most talked about releases of the year.

This much hyped but seldom seen outfit will be taking their show on the road with Thrones, the solo project of Joe Preston (renowned for his work in Earth, Melvins, Sunn 0))), High on Fire and Harvey Milk). They're about to kick off a heavy upcoming touring season.

Vocalist Christine told Noisecreep, "We consider ourselves lucky to be a part of this U.S. tour with Thrones. Joe Preston is a friend of ours, and we have played shows together in the past in the Pacific Northwest, so this tour is a natural extension of that alliance."

"We are thrilled with the way our new LP, 'Agony and Opium,' turned out and are stoked to play these songs and some new ones every night and get even more in synch musically. Most of us have never been on a full U.S. tour so we are particularly psyched to get out of town for [over a month] and see new places, drive on desolate highways and meet up with friends along the way."

Christian Mistress tour dates

9/27 -- Tube -- Portland, OR

9/28 -- Redroom -- Boise, ID

9/29 -- Club Vegas -- Salt Lake City, UT

9/30 -- 3 Kings Tavern -- Denver, CO

10/1 -- Bourbon Theater -- Lincoln, NE

10/2 -- Turf Club -- Minneapolis, MN

10/3 -- The Borg Ward -- Milwaukee, WI

10/4 -- The Empty Bottle -- Chicago, IL

10/6 -- Southgate House -- Newport, KY

10/7 -- Mac's Bar -- Lansing, MI

10/8 -- The Shop -- Toronto, ON

10/10 -- Geno's -- Portland, ME

10/11 -- O'Brien's -- Boston, MA

10/12 -- Machines With Magnets -- Providence, RI

10/14 -- Kung Fu Necktie -- Philadelphia, PA

10/15 -- Golden West -- Baltimore, MD

10/16 -- The Triple -- Richmond, VA

10/17 -- The Milestone -- Charlotte, NC

10/18 -- Caledonia Lounge -- Athens, GA

10/19 -- 529 -- Atlanta, GA

10/20 -- Hi-Tone Cafe -- Memphis, TN

10/21 -- Nightmare -- Dallas, TX

10/22 -- Red 7 -- Austin, TX

10/26 -- Solar Culture -- Tucson, AZ

10/29 -- The Hemlock -- San Francisco, CA

10/30 -- Alibi -- Arcata, CA

10/31 -- Oak St Speakeasy -- Eugene, OR