Every now and again, Chris Cornell writes a song he plays live but doesn't include on any of his studio albums. One such track is 'Cleaning My Gun,' a tune that will finally get a proper release next month, when the Soundgarden frontman drops 'Songbook,' a solo live acoustic album.

Earlier today, Cornell debuted 'Cleaning My Gun' on Stereogum. Before launching into the somber ballad, the singer offers a quickie version of the story behind the lyrics.

"It's about a guy who loses the love of his life and decides to maybe take himself out," Cornell tells the audience. "Or at least he's thinking about it. He's writing a song is what he's doing."

In addition to Soundgarden and Cornell solo tunes, 'Songbook' will feature covers of Led Zeppelin's 'Thank You' and John Lennon's 'Imagine.' The record drops Nov. 21, but super fans will want to grab the special Record Store Day edition -- a double LP vinyl set that hits select retailers the day after Thanksgiving.