Finnish heavy metal warriors Children of Bodom, led by guitar genius Alexi Laiho, have entered Petrax Studios in their native land to begin work on their currently-untitled seventh album. Producer Matt Hyde, who has worked with Slayer, has been tapped with the task of producing the album. The band will remain sequestered in the studio through September. An early 2011 release is expected for this new opus, which will no doubt be full of plenty of shredtastic moments.

"We're very excited to let everyone hear what we're creating with this new record," the band proclaimed in a statement. "Everything you love about Children of Bodom has been magnified tenfold and we're pushing ourselves harder than ever before. Expect nothing less than 'the perfect storm'!" A perfect storm of riffs, metal, screaming? One can only hope.

Tthere will be no rest for the Bodomites once they finish recording the new album. The band will head right out on the road as part of Black Label Society's inaugural Black Label Berzerkus tour, which will bring North American concert venues to their knees for two months. The Children of Bodom tour dates begin on Sept. 21.

As if the Bodoms weren't busy enough, the band contributed the song 'If You Want Peace ... Prepare for War' to the forthcoming 'Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock' game.

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