For the video to the song 'Soap on a Rope,' Chickenfoot decided to go the playful route, imitating the band members' fun-loving attitudes that shines through on stage.

"We decided awhile ago to do everything based around live performance or fooling around in our natural environment," guitarist Joe Satriani tells Noisecreep. "This one is a great example of how our good friend Jon Luini, who's been my Webmaster since 1995 -- the beginning of the Web itself just about -- [works]. Jon's got a funny way of just doing things and making it look not pretentious, just a band really having fun."

Most of the video was filmed at frontman Sammy Hagar's studio in Northern California, right outside of San Francisco. In it, the band members -- which also include bassist Michael Anthony and drummer Chad Smith -- are connected by instrument cables, no matter how far apart they may be.


"We had some other cameo shots that Mike and Chad did at their houses around the country," Satriani says. "I think the idea was to use the guitar cable as a tie-in with the title of the song, 'Soap on a Rope,' and to have us all connected somehow across these different environments, through these extended guitar cable/instrument cables.

"I think it [turned out] OK. We never wanted it to be a heavy concept. We still want to look like something we did on a Saturday afternoon while we were bored, waiting for somebody to barbecue or something. It turned out really nice and light. There are a bunch of performance clips that are interspersed from the different tours we've been doing. "

Like most of the songs on Chickenfoot's self-titled debut album, 'Soap on a Rope' was written after Satriani laid down his guitar tracks.

"I would make a demo in my home studio," Satriani said. "I would send it out to the guys. Sam would write a story and melody. Sometimes he'd get lyrics right away, other songs he would want to work on over the period of weeks or months, to write different kinds of stories behind the song. Then we would all get together as a band we would decide on the arrangement, then we would go and record it.

"That's pretty much how 'Soap on a Rope' went. I think that the interesting thing about how that song got started is we had already done six or seven demos from the first group of songs that I wrote. Sam made a comment one afternoon, 'You guys, when I'm sitting there listening to you play, I don't want to sing because it sounds so good. I don't want to sing on top of it. I just want to hear it.' He made some other comment about, 'It would be cool if we had a song where I wasn't singing when you guys were playing.' I was kind of inspired by what he said. I went back and tried to come up with a piece of music where we would in fact play something really heavy and then stop and he would sing."

Satriani brought it back to the guys at the second writing session, and Hagar spontaneously came up with the idea of calling it 'Soap on a Rope,' much to Satriani's confusion.

"It's kind of a crazy idea," Satriani said. "I'm still not sure what it means."