During an interview with Tommy Nast at the Canadian Music Week conference last Saturday, Sammy Hagar revealed the title of the next Chickenfoot album.

"I'm gonna get in trouble with my brothers in the The Foot for saying this, but I'm giving this out," he told a room packed with fans, musicians, and music industry types. "We're calling our second record 'Chickenfoot IV.' That's how silly we are."

The band -- Hagar on lead vocals, Red Hot Chili Peppers' Chad Smith on drums, guitarist Joe Satriani, and former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony -- scored a gold record with its 2009 self-titled debut album.

"[Chickenfoot IV] is the working title for it and I guarantee you it will stick because that's how silly we are," he said. "We're going, 'What are we going to call our record? Well, Chickenfoot Two.' [Then] we're going, 'Man, you can't call it Chickenfoot Two. That's too obvious.' So pretty soon Chad says, 'How about Chickenfoot Four?' We all cracked up and said, 'Right on.' We haven't talked about it since. That's what it's going to be called."

Hagar said the album cover will be in 3D. The singer noted that when the 3D artist asked the title of the album, he thought the band was joking. Hagar told him they weren't.

"The dreaded second album. We're gonna avoid that. The third album is when everybody makes it and gets real big, like 'Led Zeppelin III,' and all that. So skip over that," he said to a roomful of laughter. "The fourth record, you really capitalize on the success of the first, second, and third record, so we're going to capitalize on the fourth record and just put it out. Then, there will be a greatest hits record, and we'll put tracks from two and three on there. We've got it figured out."

Watch the video for 'Sexy Little Thing'

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