Give it up for Chevelle, as their 'La Gargola' album has been voted by the fans as the April 2014 Release of the Month on Noisecreep. The disc, which drops on April 1 via Epic, has already spawned the hit single 'Take Out the Gunman,' and the band just recently released another track called 'Hunter Eats Hunter.'

Chevelle received 25 percent of the final tally, but did face some stiff competition from Sevendust's acoustic 'Time Travelers & Bonfires' disc, Steel Panther's 'All You Can Eat' and Black Label Society's 'Catacombs of the Black Vatican' effort.

In addition to 'Take Out the Gunman' and 'Hunter Eats Hunter,' the 'La Gargola' album features such standouts as the opening track 'Ouija Board,' the hard-hitting 'Jawbreaker' and a pair of late album mid-tempo tracks -- 'One Ocean' and 'Twinge.' The band worked on the effort in California with producer Joe Barresi and opened up their musical palette a bit more.

Frontman Pete Loeffler stated, "I came into this with a lot of ideas, a lot of fuzz pedals and different sounds that I wanted to go for and techniques and [Joe's] been open with everything." Drummer Sam Loeffler stated in a separate interview with 'Loudwire Reloaded,' "At the end of the day I think we sound like our band without trying to sound like somebody else, and that’s important. But at the same time you hope your music evolves. To me, it does evolve, but it’s still melodic hard rock music which is what inspires us to want to write."

To pick up Chevelle's 'La Gargola' album, be sure to check Amazon or iTunes. The band will also tour throughout the month and make an appearance in May at Rock on the Range. To see their upcoming dates, click here.

Our congrats to Chevelle's 'La Gargola' on being voted the Noisecreep April 2014 Release of the Month.

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