Century Media Records has a rich and impressive metal history, and the label's U.S. office is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a compilation series and several interactive online promotions. The label, which has been home to Shadows Fall, Lacuna Coil, In This Moment and Only Living Witness to name a few, through the years, is celebrating its past while moving forward into the digital future.

The label will release four double-discs over the coming months, each of which represents a five-year span and provides focused, in-depth, flashback coverage of periods in the label's history. Each track was chosen by former Century Media President, Marco Barbieri, while former A&R rep Tom Bejgrowicz coordinated the art direction for the projects, designing the artwork and choosing recycled materials for the packaging. The liner notes are penned by past and present CM employees.

The label isn't being self-congratulatory or self-celebratory with these packages. They are allowing fans to participate and have launched a Flickr photo group that fans, friends and former CMers can contribute photos to. Got a photo of yourself and Iced Earth's Jon Schaffer or Stuck Mojo's Bonez? Be sure to join in on the celebration and share! Fans can connect with staffers through the 'Ultimate Century Media Songs' playlists that the worker bees have compiled and can be previewed and purchased at iTunes. It's like having your own personal record shopper!

The first volume of the series will be released on May 18 and the track list is below. The remaining three collections will be released throughout the year. A massive box set is planned for the end of the year. Oh, to be 20 again!

Disc one

Morgoth -- 'Lies of Distrust' (from 'Resurrection Absurd/Eternal Fall')

Demolition Hammer -- 'Infectious Hospital Waste' (from 'Torture of Existence')

Iced Earth -- 'Iced Earth' (from 'Iced Earth')

Asphyx -- 'Diabolic Existence' (from 'The Rack')

Unleashed -- 'Before the Creation of Time' (from 'Where No Life Dwells' )

Grave -- 'Into the Grave' (from 'Into The Grave')

Tiamat -- 'Ancient Entity' (from 'The Astral Sleep')

Morgoth -- 'Sold Baptisim' (from 'Cursed')

Demolition Hammer -- 'Skull Fracturing Nightmare' (from 'Epidemic of Violence')

Iced Earth -- 'Stormrider' (from 'Night of the Stormrider')

Cro-Mags -- 'The Paths of Perfection' (from 'Alpha Omega')

Unleashed -- 'Never Ending Hate' (from 'Shadows in the Deep')

Grave -- 'Morbid Way to Die' (from 'You'll Never See')

Tiamat -- 'The Sleeping Beauty' (from 'Clouds')

Asphyx -- 'Serenades in Lead' (from 'Last One on Earth')

Eyehategod -- 'Children of God' (from 'In the Name of Suffering')

Samael -- 'After the Sepulture' (from 'Blood Ritual')

Disc two

Only Living Witness -- 'Prone Mortal Form' (from 'Prone Mortal Form')

Morgoth -- 'Resistance' (from 'Odium')

Eyehategod -- 'Kill Your Boss' (from 'Take As Needed for Pain')

Samael -- 'Baphomet's Throne' (from 'Ceremony of Opposites')

Grave -- 'Soulless' (from 'Soulless')

Graveyard Rodeo -- 'Thoughts of the Past' (from 'On the Verge')

Penance -- 'Crosses' (from 'Parallel Corners')

Tiamat -- 'Gaia' (from 'Wildhoney')

Sentenced -- 'Phenix' (from 'Amok')

Grief -- 'World of Hurt' (from 'Come to Grief')

Nevermore -- 'What Tomorrow Knows' (from 'Nevermore')

Stuck Mojo -- 'Not Promised Tomorrow' (from 'Snappin' Necks')

Strapping Young Lad -- 'SYL' (from Heavy as a 'Really Heavy Thing')

Iced Earth -- 'Last December' (from 'Burnt Offerings')

Moonspell -- 'Wolfshade' (from 'Wolfheart')

The Gathering -- 'Leaves' (from 'Mandylion')

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