10 Best Marilyn Manson Videos
In 1993, Marilyn Manson hit the metal mainstream, sending kids to the record stores and scaring the crap out of parents. While the heavy sound and edgy lyrical content were a big part of the band's appeal, the band's videos certainly played a significant role in their huge success. From the early days of sloppy lipstick and ripped fishnets to the androgynous glam-rock image the band toyed with, they constantly worked to keep the fans on their toes and the parents complaining.
Heavy Metal Christmas Songs: 10 Awesome Holiday Rock Jams
There isn't much metal about traditional Christmas music. Lucky for us, many of our favorite artists have made their own holiday tunes to make the end of the year a little more brutal. Some of our favorite bands have even recorded covers of holiday classics as well. You know, just in case you want to spin a couple of more familiar tunes while you open presents at your parents house. No need to offend mom on Christmas.
10 Most Underrated Pearl Jam Songs
You've heard Pearl Jam's big hits a million times and rightfully so. Tracks like 'Alive,' 'Betterman,' 'Yellow Ledbetter,' 'Black' and others capture the ears of listeners with Eddie Vedder's raw emotion and the wall of sounds coming from his bandmates. But for every 'Jeremy' and 'Even Flow,' there's a huge catalog of songs that never got the same commercial push.
10 Best Winter Songs
"Winter is coming." These words were made famous on the hit TV show 'Game of Thrones' and although winter seems to be taking forever to arrive on the show, we can be a little more certain here in reality. For some regions of Earth, winter is not a big deal and the climate doesn't change all too much. For other regions, winter brings some of the most challenging weather to inhabitable places. It's such an event that many bands have dedicated songs to describing what it's like to face the frigid elements.
10 Best Hard Rock Riffs of the 2000s
We've been looking at the evolution of the hard rock riff, and we've gotten to the turn of the century. The riff has come a long way since it was born some time ago and in our latest list we can see how it has evolved.
Rock + Metal Class of 2013
Every year there's a new slate of acts that seemingly come out of nowhere to add to the history of rock. For some, this journey is a short one as they get their breakthrough on their very first album. For others, it's been several years in the making with the act finally catching the attention of listeners.
10 More Best Metal Christmas Songs
Metal Christmas songs are not limited to bands doing turned up, louder and riffier versions of 'Jingle Bell Rock.' A vast assortment of holiday hymns and seasonal favorites are twisted, turned and offered up by metal and hard rock bands.
10 Most Underrated Alice Cooper Songs
Where does anyone even start with Alice Cooper and his vast catalog? The best bet is at the beginning. Analyzing the work of Alice Cooper is a daunting task as 'Pretties For You,' the debut, came out in 1969. The dissolution of the full band came after 'Muscle of Love' in 1973 and 'Welcome to My Nightmare' kicked off Alice's solo career. He has evolved his musical styles to keep with current trends, sometimes with raving success and other times with critical failure.
10 Best Hard Rock Riffs of the '90s
The '90s were a confusing period in musical history. Hair metal was on its way out, but it hadn't quite died yet. Grunge and "alternative" rock were just finding their way into the mainstream. According to noise rock pioneers Sonic Youth, 1991 was the year punk finally broke through. Many artists and bands that emerged during the '90s straddled genres or just created their own.

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