There have been a few 'American Idol' alums that chose rock over pop. Daughtry immediately comes to mind, and now you can add Carly Smithson to the list. The singer is now fronting rock act We Are the Fallen. Her band will release its debut album May 11. While Smithson is definitely looking forward in terms of her career, she's proud of her 'Idol' past but admits it wasn't all ice cream cones and rainbows after she was booted from America's biggest television show.

"It was a frustrating time for me after the show. I always had in my mind that this is the record I wanted, I just didn't know who to make it with," Smithson admitted to Noisecreep. "I got myself an apartment in L.A. and I gave myself a year. I was like, 'If in a year, this hasn't worked out for me and I'm no further than I am today, I'll hand back the keys and I'll go back to San Diego to my husband and I'll be a little pissed off. But at least I'll know that I tried and I didn't kind of beat it to death.' If you're on the biggest show on TV and you can't make it after that show in a year, then it's probably best to just go on home."

While Smithson is very candid about her expectations, she admits she never planned on giving up music altogether. She was going to retool and adapt. But, when her one year lease was up, she was signed to Universal Republic with the rest of We Are the Fallen, and her debut album with the band was nearly complete.

"I didn't want to be part of something that I didn't believe in just to be a part of something," continues Smithson. "And I was very happy that the day I handed over the keys, like last November, that I had a record that I was obsessed with in my hands; I had a band that I love and had a major label deal. I was like, 'Cool, I'm packing my things and going home and really stoked.' It was a good day."

But what about the current season of 'American Idol'? Does Smithson watch? She said, "I think I've seen maybe two [episodes], and it was literally in passing. To be very honest, I haven't been tuning in. I've been rehearsing for this tour and just coming up to the record being completed and everything. I honestly haven't had five minutes to really sit down and look at a show or even been in front of the TV everyday at that time."

We Are the Fallen are on tour with Finnish rockers HIM through early May.

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