They may hail from one of the coldest regions on Earth -- that'd be Canada -- but hardcore punk rockers Cancer Bats, who siphon from several genre tanks, are blazing right now. They're finishing up pre-production for their third album, and record label types are pretty hot on the band's trail to release this effort. Vocalist Liam Joseph Cormier told Noisecreep, "Life f---ing rules right now and we're about to get so stoked to record the album in a few weeks."

Cormier and the Bats have a pretty clear picture of what they plan to accomplish when they shake the studio's foundation, too. Cormier was succinct and vivid, claiming, "This record is going to sound like Danzig throwing a house party and a pack of drunken dinosaurs show up just as DJ Lethal is doing a mash up of the Allman Brothers and Black Flag. Good f---ing times.

"Then on top of all that, we just found out our epic bros in Billy Talent want us to come and tour Europe all fall with them. 2009 is pretty much a slam dunk at this point. Boo-ya."

Looks like 2010 should shape up to be even better for The Cancer Bats. Remember you read it here first.

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