Billy Talent’s Ian D’sa Talks About Their Upcoming Album
Billy Talent is one of Canada's leading hard rock/pop bands. They sell out stadiums, tours, and are pretty huge in Europe. Guitarist Ian D'sa has had his share of life experiences, starting musical life in high school in an indie band, to mainstream labels like Warner, Atlantic and Roadrun…
Hail the Villain Get the Word Out on the Road
So what does a band whose singer has been called "a star" and an "enigmatic manic personality onstage" by the person who signed them have to do when they plan to release only animated music videos? The answer -- tour.
"This has been one of those things where have been havin…
Billy Talent Keep It Grim on New Album

Toronto rock band Billy Talent have written songs about everything from a priest who molests children to "a friend" with multiple sclerosis, to a vitriolic rant on an ex.
On their third and newest album, 'Billy Talent III,' the topics are equally, um, negative: botched suicide ("Saint …

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