Cancer Bats

Liam Cormier, vocalist of Cancer Bats, is seriously bummed that the upcoming tour his band will enjoy with Every Time I Die and Norma Jean is only two weeks, instead of two years. So we had to ask the Canadian vocalist if the tour was two years, would he and the rest of the Bats end up killing or totally falling in love with ETID and Norma Jean?

"I think if we toured for two years straight, we would all fall in love within the first six months," Cormier told Noisecreep. "I think our love would be so intense that all three bands would break up and reform as one giant super group! We could be called something like Every Time I Wear Cancer Jeans. It would be a new era of filthy heaviness."

While it might take a while for Every Time I Wear Cancer Jeans to materialize, Cancer Bats will most likely be playing their well-received -- and dare we say, popular -- cover of the Beastie Boys' 'Sabotage' on this tour. "We played it every night on our last tour in Canada, and it went down awesome," Cormier said. "Everyone loves that song, so it's a pretty easy crowd pleaser. We might keep it rolling because it's fun to play, but on the other hand, we have so many new songs that we're dying to play, so we'll see what we can fit into a half-hour set."

The band's latest, 'Bears, Mayors, Scraps and Bones,' is due out April 13 via Good Fight.

Cormier also decided to not really clear up the misconceptions about his native country, saying, "We have a rep for being super backwoods, and people meet us and we do nothing to break the misconception. We all have beards, wear plaid and love maple syrup. We're all pretty Canadian at the end of the day. We're OK with living the stereotype to the max. On our last tour, there was a huge ball hockey tournament that went on throughout the whole tour. If that's not Canadian as f---, I don't know what is."

Cancer Bats tour dates

5/11 -- Columbus, OH -- NEWPORT MUSIC HALL

5/12 -- Jermyn, PA -- ELEANOR RIGBY'S

5/14 -- Lexington, KY -- BUSTER'S

5/15 -- Birmingham, AL -- ZYDECO

5/16 -- Asheville, NC -- THE ORANGE PEEL

5/17 -- Nashville, TN -- ROCKETOWN

5/18 -- Columbia, MO -- MOJOS

5/19 -- Springfield, MO -- REMINGTON'S DOWNTOWN

5/21 -- Little Rock, AR -- THE VILLAGE

5/22 -- New Orleans, LA -- HOUSE OF BLUES

5/23 -- Jacksonville, FL -- FREEBIRD LIVE

5/24 -- Charleston, SC -- MUSIC FARM

5/25 -- Wilmington, NC -- SOAPBOX LAUNDROLOUNGE

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