Buckcherry's tattoo-covered vocalist Josh Todd was in Denver while on tour with Nickelback and Three Days Grace when he checked in with Noisecreep about life on the open road. But even though he's playing hedonistic, feel-good rock 'n' roll onstage every night to adoring crowds, Todd remains a family man at heart. It's actually a sweet dichotomy.

"We tour for two years on records, so we'll be touring all next year, in the States, Canada, South America," Todd told Noisecreep about the band's continued plan to rack up stamps in their passports. "Whether by plane or by bus."

Touring for two years at a time can take its toll on the family, but Todd makes it work by traveling back home as often as logistically possible. "It's hard to get them all out here," he said about long periods of separation from his loved ones. "It gets costly, so I go home a lot. I fly home after a show and have one day off with them and then fly back, so I do a lot of flying. It's easier for me to get on a plane and see them." There is a lot of video chatting, too. "Every morning that's how I have breakfast with my kids."

Buckcherry continue to support their latest, 'All Night Long.' It's the third victory lap in their still-heralded comeback, which saw them rise, tumble, disappear and return even stronger than ever in the space of a decade. "It is a phenomenal story that hasn't happened in rock 'n' roll for years," Todd said. "I think the last band to do it was Aerosmith, maybe.

"We came back from obscurity and no one cared, and we made the record of our career. We are on the third record since then, and it has been such a crazy ride. And we're grateful. We've been on both sides of the pendulum and have experienced the peaks and valleys, but we're staying with our foot on the gas, making sure it doesn't get away from us. We know what it's like to not have it."

Todd also said that the current lineup is what he and guitarist Keith Nelson had envisioned when they initially started the band, and it's a unified front that represents the longest lineup in the band's history. Ultimately, though, Buckcherry hope to carve out their place in the rock 'n' roll pantheon. "We can be a family and a band," he said. "That's the best way to have longevity. We want to leave behind a catalog of music and make our mark -- as one band."

Todd also wanted to remind fans that 'All Night Long' -- which was the first album where the band recorded without the pressure of budgets or time constraints -- comes with the companion 'Reckless Sons' EP when purchased at Best Buy. It includes five new songs stripped down acoustically.

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