Bruce Lamont is perhaps better known for his work in the progressive metal band Yakuza, where he plays saxophone -- you read that right, a saxophone in a metal band. Bruce had an opportunity to flex his experimental muscles even further in 'Feral Songs for the Epic Decline,' where he ports over the dark ambience heard in his primary band.

Lamont recruited Brooklyn-based artist Seldon Hunt for the artwork after seeing an image of his on the road. "Bruce saw the image I did for the Tryptikon tour earlier this year and wanted something along the same lines," Hunt told Noisecreep.

The image mentioned was used as a tour poster for their Weltenbrand Tour with Yakuza. It featured a chrome-style skull which emitted sunlight-like rays, with plenty of design 'real estate,' as is the tendency with tour posters. It served as a springboard for the design of Lamont's album art, which also uses a skull as a visual centerpiece. Contrast this design with the photograph-based design to which Hunt contributed, on the Adai album art that Noisecreep covered earlier.

"[Lamont's] music is pretty dark and out there so we maintained the crystal skull type theme," Hunt continued. "We took some photos of him while he was here starring in the Nachtmystium video and I worked them into a more decayed forest setting."

'Feral Songs for the Epic Decline' is being released on At A Loss Recordings, with solo tour dates soon to follow.

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