Buckcherry's 'Crazy B-tch' is an anthem that is normally reserved for ladies at strip clubs who like to dance for dollars. Never in our wildest dreams did we think that a bride, dressed in white, would waltz down the aisle to someone karaoking the song. But that's just what happens in this clip.

Buckcherry even tweeted about the clip, after it made the rounds courtesy of such video-centric shows as 'The Soup' and 'Tosh.O.'

The woman singing the song can't carry a tune and we don't know if the bride recorded the vocals before she strutted down the aisle to her blushing groom or if it was someone serenading her on site.

Be sure and pay attention to the 20-second mark, when a guest provides "earmuffs" for a young boy after the lyric about "gettin' f--king laid." Brilliant!

Now that's a wedding we'd like to attend, since clearly the bride is a rocker with a sense of humor. Or maybe she really is a crazy b---h. We can't help but wonder if the doo rag-wearing groom and his family wanted to exercise that whole "speak now" clause.

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