Brian May has no beef with science -- dude's an astrophysicist, after all -- but the Queen guitarist draws the line at experimenting on animals. As Contact Music reports, the British rocker has joined the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection in opposing the creation of a dog farm that will reportedly breed beagles for laboratory research.

"Beagles, indisputably, are highly intelligent sentient creatures, friends of Man for centuries," May wrote in a statement directed at Eric Pickles, the secretary of state for communities and local government. "It is completely morally unjustifiable for these animals to be made to suffer in the name of science, and I am shocked to learn of plans to set up a facility in Yorkshire to breed and supply beagles to the research industry."

This isn't May's first time coming to the defense of furry creatures. In 2010, he led a campaign to stop a badger cull in Wales, and he's also the founder or Save Me, a group that aims to "promote decent treatment for animals."

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