Bret Michaels is a living, breathing, walking, talking miracle. No, seriously. The singer survived a brain hemorrhage in 2010, as well as a hole in his heart, a warning stroke, an appendectomy and has lived with diabetes for much of his life.

Now, a cryptic post on his Facebook has fans wondering if something else is afoot, medically speaking, for the Poison frontman and reality TV star.

Thanks to our friends at for pointing us to the post on Michaels' Facebook page where he refers to experiencing recent "life awakening medical events." The singer also claims that he will not allow himself to become jaded, which has us wondering if he received some sort of diagnosis that he's unhappy about.

Here is Michaels' Facebook post:

After experiencing some life awakening medical events earlier today, it has once again put life into perspective in both my personal and professional life. Though the last few weeks have thrown me a curveball and have been rough to say the least, I refuse to become jaded. For all the loyalty that I have shown to people throughout my life and specifically over the last few weeks, to not have the same respect given back to me, it's times like these when the people who matter the most become most clear. I am grateful once again to my family, friends and fans. Let's rock this upcoming tour! (I also thank God for these RockBands, kickboxing and my motorcycle track for helping with my physical for my mental release, I'm still a WORK IN PROGRESS, LOL.) Thank you to my awesome, family, friends & fans, you rock! Stay tuned, more to come...

Noisecreep extends our very best to Bret! We hope all is okay.

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