Bret Michaels has lived the American dream. Since leaving Pittsburgh in the early '80s, he's become a rock star, reality TV mainstay and designer of doggy clothes and accessories. It's a story screaming for the big-screen treatment, and luckily, the Poison frontman is prepping a biopic, the Columbus Dispatch reports.

The bandana-clad singer owns a film production company with Charlie Sheen, so his dream of making a movie of his life -- not to mention our dream of seeing the Bret Michaels saga play out on the silver screen -- could become a reality.

"I want to tell the story," Michaels told the Dispatch. "Mostly, when you see rock movies, it has to be this over-the-top thing. I want to give people a Bret Michaels movie where they see that my life is a comedy of errors. I also want to show my fans how to get through the kind of troubles that would leave most people flat on the floor."

Among those troubles he's alluding to are a pair of recent health scares, the first being a near-fatal brain hemorrhage in 2010. Since Michaels is so keen on taking the good with the bad, we're going to go ahead and call the title right now: "Every Rose Has Its Thorn."

You know, that or "Unskinny Bop." Whatever's more Oscar-friendly.

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