Dethklok creator Brendon Small is apparently still working on his second solo album, Galaktikon II, and while there's no date set in stone for when it might be released, there will be a six-part comic book series based on its predecessor, Galaktikon, which came out in 2012.

In an announcement video from Albatross Funnybooks, the publisher confirmed Galaktikon will be getting the comic treatment with a series that will come out this August. It's being hyped as a "six-part high stakes intergalactic rock comic based on [Small's] bad ass metal band that is bad ass."

Earlier this year, drummer Gene Hoglan said he was “absolutely" confident in regards to Galaktikon II seeing the light of day. “We’re doing the mix right now. I was listening to the mixes on the way up here [NAMM 2017] from San Diego," he said in February. "We’re all firing out our ideas and we’re mixing it right now.”

“It’s bad as f—k, man,” Hoglan continued. “It’s awesome, it’s killer. All I can really say is if you appreciate Dethklok, you’re gonna really dig this this record. It has so many elements of Dethklok, it has so many elements of the first Galaktikon and it actually has quite a bit of the Klok Opera that we did. It’s a fantastic amalgamation of all three.”

While we wait for new music, brace yourself for the arrival of the Galaktikon comic book series.

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