The Breathing Process

There are a ton of bands who splatter themselves and often, the crowd, with 'blood.' Some bands, like Watain, use the real deal. Hence, their tour bus smells like a corpse's laugh. Other bands utilize some sort of Tru Blood-like synthetic substance that isn't blood -- but sure looks like it. When the Breathing Process take the stage, they claim the blood they're spitting into the audience is fake. But ...

"It's real pig's blood," guitarist Jordan Milner admits to Noisecreep. "We tell people it's not real, because they'd get so grossed out because our singer, he puts it on his hands and touches kids in the face. If we told them it's actual pig's blood, they'd throw up on the spot."

But where does a death metal band from Connecticut get pig's blood? Guitarist Sara Loerlein works at a slaughterhouse and basically, right before tour, hits her boss up for some of the 'Carrie' cocktail. The blood is cleaned, "so we don't get f---ing ebola," Milner says, and transported in empty Gatorade bottles and milk jugs. The Breathing Process keep the red goo in the trailer, though, so their van doesn't smell like all hell.

"We did use the fake stuff for a while, but real blood works better," says Milner. "We use it on stage because it's awesome and terrifying to young children. But it's also the essential element of life, besides water. It represents life and death. I guess we could spit water, but that's not cool. The only time we run into problems with the blood is when we play Christian venues. And it's not even usually because of what we're doing. They just all have carpeted stages, and they don't want 'em stained with blood when the pastor has to go up the next morning and deliver a sermon."