From now on, Boston's House of Blues will truly be a house of blues for folks who like moshing. After a Feb. 21 performance by Celtic-punk outfit Flogging Molly, the venue was cited for safety violations, reports, as police claim "60 concertgoers" engaged in an "aggressive mosh pit dance." There were no injuries to speak of, but the authorities say security should have intervened.

A hearing was subsequently held at City Hall, and the House of Blues must now post an illuminated sign indicating that moshing is not permitted.

Not surprisingly, members of the local punk and metal communities aren't happy about the crackdown.

"I can understand trying to cut down on injuries or fights, but you see more fights outside a dance night on Lansdowne Street [where the House of Blues in question is located] than you see inside a hardcore show," said Brian Fair of the Massachusetts metal band Shadows Fall.

Maybe bands will have to start playing outside on Landsdowne. At least it's getting warmer.

Watch Shadows Fall's Video for 'In Effigy'

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