With their third album 'Tomorrow We Die Alive' set to be released Aug. 20, Born of Osiris have announced the track listing. They also unveiled a nearly eight-minute preview video of the album (watch above).

Guitarist Lee McKinney talked about the release. “As for the album's content, we're gonna be doing 6-string and 7-string songs on the same recording for the first time ever. Aside from that, we've been more focused for this record than any of the previous."

He went on to add, "We've had two-plus years to write, critique, adjust and learn these songs, which is just something we haven't had in the past with our intense touring schedule. Like the last album ('The Discovery'), we've been living and writing this album together and it's made for the best, most focused Born of Osiris album to date."

'Tomorrow We Die Alive' was produced by Nick Sampson (Asking Alexandria) and mixed by Joey Sturgis (The Devil Wears Prada, Emmure). Born of Osiris are currently playing Mayhem Festival.

Born of Osiris, 'Tomorrow We Die Alive' Track Listing

1. 'Machine'
2. 'Divergency'
3. 'Mindful'
4. 'Exhilarate'
5. 'Absolution'
6. 'The Origin'
7. 'Aeon III'
8. 'Imaginary Condition'
9. 'Illusionist'
10. 'Source Field'
11. 'Vengeance'