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In support of Behemoth frontman Adam "Nergal" Darski -- who recently announced he's been diagnosed with luekemia -- 1,000 Knives, MetalSucks and MetalInjection haved teamed up with an event. A Life Once Lost, Car Bomb, This or the Apocalypse, Baptized in Blood and Last Chance to Reason will play a show on Oct. 20 that will provide heavy headbanging and bone marrow donation awareness.

The show, which is part of the annual CMJ Music Marathon, will take place at Europa in Brooklyn. Noisecreep got a chance to chat with Rich Hall of 1,000 Knives about the event.

Is this the first time 1,000 Knives, MetalSucks and MetalInjection work on a show together?

Yes!!! I am surprised, too! We've known each other for a good amount of time. This was a long time coming! Actually Vince from MetalSucks approached me to help out! So I accepted gladly. And we got it done really quickly and smoothly. Totally glad when a group of friends can work out an event like this.

Had you guys already started working on the CMJ lineup when Nergal announced he had leukemia?

We were almost at completion of the event. Then Nergel made the announcement that morning. It just popped in my head. We as part of the metal community need to help ... but how? I immediately researched on how I can get a drive at the show. Axl [Rosenburg] of MetalSucks and Frank [Godla] of MetalInjection listened to my idea of having a drive at our showcase and they both agreed that it would be a great idea. I don't want this to be confused that this is a fundraiser of any sort. Just inspired by Nergel's plight to have an awareness drive. Hopefully a lot of the metal community that supports Nergel and Behemoth will do the same. So others around the country can start up bone marrow drives where they live. Not just so Nergel can find a donor but the other people out there around the world that have leukemia. You can save a life.

What does the bone marrow drive consist of? Will potential donors be giving blood samples or having their cheeks swabbed?

We're going to have a table set up near the merch area with a lot of information and educational pamphlets. There, the person will administer the test, but before you will have to have to fill a questionnaire about your health history. There will be no needles involved; just a swab inside your cheek.

What kind of paperwork and items should people bring with them to the show and drive?

People don't need to show any identification or papers, they will only need to provide contact information and information on their medical history.

For people who can't make it to the show, what other ways can they contribute?

They can either do two things. Contact the number at -- which I did. They directed me to the local outreach center, who are taking part in our drive. Or

In terms of logistics, what does it take to plan out a bone marrow drive?

It's pretty easy. I called up the number, told the situation and where/how I wanted to help. They gave me the background on what takes place. I actually thought there was going to be a truck outside the venue and all of this because I was clueless. The people at and took the time out to educate me. They were so nice and so appreciative, and if you want to help and just know what the disease is about, they'll tell you everything. So when you do call, listen to them and try to help make a difference.

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