Bon Jovi and Bon Iver, two bands that really sound like the name of just one guy. Two groups separated by a gaping chasm genre and in time have been united at long last. Enter: Bon Joviver! This is exactly what you think Bon Jovi and Bon Iver would sound like if they were combined.

Bon Joviver is really the brainchild of Brooklyn string band Miracles of Modern Science, who in a stroke of genius created this glorious portmanteau and then decided to make the music to make this more than just a funny joke they once thought of.

Bon Jovi provides the song, 'You Give Love a Bad Name,' and the group Bon Ivers it aka giving it Justin Vernon's signature North Woods falsetto, adding layer upon layer of chilly harmony, as well as dressing for a cold Wisconsin winter. The clip is short, but seriously on point.

You can catch Bon Jovi at the upcoming Bamboozle Festival in May, while Bon Iver will be gracing the SNL stages as musical guest on February 4.

Watch the Bon Joviver video below

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