It was recently reported that Ratt's Bobby Blotzer and Warren DeMartini were taking their battle over the Ratt name to court. At issue was Blotzer's decision to no longer tour under the moniker Bobby Blotzer's Ratt Experience, which he had previously been using, and simply going under the name Ratt moving forward. DeMartini, who shared in the band's management company WBS, Inc., filed a request for a temporary restraining order to stop the drummer and his band from touring or recording under the Ratt name given that he was the lone original member in the group. However, the request for a temporary restraining order was denied.

After the 2014 exit of vocalist Stephen Pearcy, DeMartini chose not to move forward under the Ratt name without the vocalist involved. Meanwhile, Blotzer wanted to tour and record. Eventually, the drummer moved to take control of the band's management company and announced just last month that he was going to move forward under the Ratt moniker.

In a statement released to Bravewords, Blotzer says that the fight is not over, but that he's won the initial battle and that he's confident he'll be able to fend off any additional legal action. He also calls out DeMartini's claim that his group is a "tribute band" and would damage the group's reputation, citing the fact that both he and Blotzer toured with an array of non-original Ratt musicians over the years.

Check out his statement on the matter below:

Hi Ratt n Rollers:
Just popping in with a tad bit of Ratt news, for my brain's own release.
On Sept. 30th, Warren Deanmartin filed a request for a temporary restraining order to keep his 50% business partner and co-owner of WBS, INC. (Ratt) from taking the business out of the red and into the black, while bringing the fans a great show, to preclude me from taking the reins in the corporation, and touring under the Ratt banner.
On October 2nd, we were downtown in Los Angeles County Superior Court for the hearing that Mr. WD filed for a T.R.O. (temporary restraining order) which was denied on all issues.
Although this is just the appetizer, as Mr WD will seek an order for an injunction on the same issues based on the same laws and using the same evidence as he used in his unsuccessful attempt at the restraining order.
In my positive quest to keep business doors open wide, we believe the same outcome will prevail regarding the injunction request.
Oddly, Warren's claim that the musicians in Ratt are as he put it 'Imposters and a tribute band.' Well then Warren, answer this question, what does that make you after touring with an array of non original musicians including Robbie Crane on bass, Jizzy Pearl on lead vocals, and John Crabby on rhythm Guitar for 7 years as Ratt? Not to mention other temporary musicians including Keri Kelli & Michael Schenker not withstanding.
In the wake of our recent 'Ratt' fan filmed performances that have been widely viewed on YouTube & every major rock website, our current singer Josh & the entire band have been welcomed by the fans with open arms. Most comments state that after seeing the videos Josh is better than Pearcy now or even in his prime. Ratt fronted by lead singer Josh Alan along with the entire band including Doc Ellis, Blaze, Scotty Griffin & myself yours truly, have a 99% approval rating from commenters on rock sites where they are known to bash anyone and anything.
Just like a gum drop from the Candy King himself 'what goes around, comes around.'
First Battle won, I like the odds. Best to all, even Warren!
Robert John Blotzer
October 5th 2015.

DeMartini has been seeking damages and attorneys' fees on top of trying to stop Blotzer from touring under the Ratt name. He's also filed to stop the drummer from taking any action in the name of the band's management company as well.

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