Last week at the Blue Ridge Rock Festival, Jackass legend Steve-O performed one of his classic stunts onstage. Along with crowd surfing from the very back of the pit to the front, Steve slashed his tongue with a knife before introducing Ice Nine Kills.

The 2021 Blue Ridge Rock Festival was met with mixed reviews. Despite an incredible lineup of artists, the fest was plagued by infrastructure issues, causing fans to abandon their cars and walk miles each day to get to the festival grounds. Issues with camping facilities and ticketing also took root in the festival, but some fans have pledged to return next year despite the inconveniences.

Steve-O was one of Blue Ridge’s special guests. He was meant to just show up and host the fest, but he made sure to earn his check by entertaining the Virginia crowd. After some epic crowd surfing, Steve took a minute to search for something sharp, but unable to find a light bulb or beer bottle, Steve grabbed a pocket knife from an audience member in the front row.

“This seems like the perfect act to do this for, by the way,” Steve said about Ice Nine Kills. “You guys like horror shit?” The Jackass favorite wasn’t completely satisfied with the amount of blood he drew, but the stuntman shrugged it off and introduced Ice Nine Kills to the crowd.

“Today’s post goes out to an honorary fellow Psycho, Steve-o, who introduced INK on stage last week. He truly is a CUT above the rest!” INK posted to Facebook on Sept. 20.

Check out the full video of Steve-O’s Blue Ridge Festival antics below and click here for Ice Nine Kills’ full list of tour dates.

Steve O From Jackass Performing Stunts At Blue Ridge Rock Fest! Jackass Forever LIVE! Virginia

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