Underground rap fiends know the name Block McCloud. The Brooklyn, N.Y. native is not only a seasoned solo artist, he's also a member of the hip-hop conglomerate known as Army of the Pharaohs. Beginning in the '90s, McCloud has been a fixture on the East Coast rap scene, working with the likes of Method Man, Sean Price and The Clipse.

On Aug. 14, McCloud will be releasing Four Walls, his new album featuring DJ Waxwork. The album features guest spots from Vinnie Paz, Reef the Lost Cauze, King Syze, King Magnetic as well as La Coka Nostra's Slaine and Ill Bill.

So why would Noisecreep be covering a rap artist, you ask? You see, McCloud is also a member of Sic Flux, a rock band that also records for his Disturbia Music Group record label.

McCloud just sent us a list of his five favorite heavy metal bands and since it's not every day that a respected rapper emails us, we knew we had to post it.

From Block McCloud:

"I grew up a fan of hip-hop but I had all these great influences around me. My parents listened to nothing but Spanish music, my brother listened to nothing but rock music. And of course in the late '80s and '90s everyone seemed to listen to everything and it was really a great time musically where the lines were not so clearly drawn between genres.

There would be no hip hop without rock. We sampled the shit out of it, but I think it mostly inspired us in spirit. As rappers, we only hope to be as free with our expression, as rockers and rock stars have been. They said hip-hop, like rock, would never last, look at us now!

My guitarist/partner/songwriter in Sic Flux, Mike Rojhay, is conveniently here with me and together we'd like to name our all-time favorite heavy metal bands."

1. Led Zeppelin

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Block- Led Zep have to be my ultimate favorite band of all time. In a lot of ways I'd say we emulate them in the contrast they display musically between beautiful melodic riffs and vocals, and hard thrashing guitars and drums.

Mike- They influenced my guitar playing more than anyone else, so much so I played one of their songs at a show we just did at Tattoo Shot Lounge in Coney Island.

2. Disturbed

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Block- What can I say other than the name of my label is Disturbia Music Group! 'Nuff Said.

Mike- David Draiman is of the most powerful singers out there, 'nuff said.

3. Metallica

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Block- I think I love this band for the same reason I loved the Beatles: They were and will always be, one of the most innovative (some might say commercial) bands of all time. I love that they rocked out with the Philharmonic. That combo heavily influenced the feel of my upcoming album, Four Walls. DJ Waxwork's production style features classical music samples, but is heavy and hard as fuck at the same time!

Mike- I remember seeing them warm up for Ozzy in 1986. The show was at Pineknob in Clarkston, Mich. and it blew my mind.

4, 5. Ozzy Osbourne/Black Sabbath

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Block and Mike- This gave us that dark Gothic edge that we've all come to love as fans and musicians and can only hope to emulate in our music. Rock on Ozzy! R.I.P. Randy Rhoads.


Block McCloud and DJ Waxwork's Four Walls album will hit stores on Aug. 14 via Disturbia Music Group. Pre-order the album at this location.