Metalcore specialists Blessthefall are children of the night with no fear of the dark, of fire or of the desolate woods in their video for the boiling over track 'You Wear a Crown But You're No King,' which appears on their just-released album 'Hollow Bodies.'

In the stark and dark video, the band performs amidst tiny fires which surround their bodies and their instruments. The element of danger is realized. There is also the overarching implication is that if you play with fire, you're gonna get burned ... bad.

The plot footage follows a hoodie-clad arsonist who is wandering in the same woods in which the band is massacring its instruments. You can feel his tension mount, from an ember to an inferno. The clip has the same energy and aura of a mini horror film.

Who ends up self-immolating? Watch and find out. We feel like we must issue a bit of a warning. The ending is a somewhat gory. We just wanted to put that out there for you since it is a wee bit tough to watch.

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