Time to take a dive into the 'Open Water,' a brand new, epic and ethereal track from Blessthefall's forthcoming album 'Hollow Bodies,' out Aug. 20. The song is a bit different, as frontman Beau Bokan's wife, Canadian electro-pop singer LIGHTS, contributes her angelic voice to this slow, serpentine track.

While Blessthefall are known for their throttling metalcore anthems, 'Open Water' is expansive and finds the band traversing some new, if murkier territories. The song is laced with a thread of darkness, and the way that Bokan and his wife's voices swirl around one another is arresting.

The song also demonstrates the band's ability to think and play outside of the metalcore box and avoids the trap of being a "scene" band.

Slower, more deliberate tracks like these often exist to demonstrate just how brutal a metal band is, but with Blessthefall and the song 'Open Water,' they use it as an opportunity to show just how artful they can be. It's almost Deftones-ian in its dynamics. The full labyrinth of sound lasts for seven minutes, so strap yourself in and just let yourself be immersed.

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