Black Veil Brides

Glammy yet tough Los Angeles rockers Black Veil Brides are the new band everyone -- like our friends at MetalSucks -- loves to pick on. Anything popular with the young kids is course for ridicule. But there has to be a reason that people are digging BVB, and it's not just because they are managed by Ozzy Osbourne bassist Blasko.

"My favorite Blasko quote when someone asked how BVB has such a large following was: 'It's called a fan base, look into it,'" bassist Ashley Purdy told Noisecreep. The band has a very old school L.A., Sunset Strip look. Lots of black and even more hairspray and eyeliner. It sets the notion that the music will certainly have that 'L.A.' sound that we all know and love. "It's totally intentional," Purdy said. "But it's not pretentious by any means. I mean, we look like we do daily because our influences are from Kiss to Misfits, to LA Guns to Mötley Crüe. We're definitely a band that stands out today but still brings our own take and a fresh spin on heavy rock and metal music with an image."

The band's new album, 'We Stitch These Wounds,' mixes metalcore with melody and a healthy dash of glam. Purdy said, "It's melodic laden battle cry ... a torch that's carried from everything we loved in heavy rock and metal music that hasn't existed in decades. I think everyone who loves rock music will find something they like or can relate to in this album. Again, the message is one of hope and overcoming adversity. We all have a past or a scar, but we learn and grow from it. It makes us who we are, so we cherish that. Be wild, be dangerous, live life. This is for the youth and the young at heart." I agree. Scars make you special.

Purdy also said that BVB is comprised of "genuine, honest musicians that are solid in what we stand for. We carry a message of believing in yourself and letting no one tell you otherwise. We stand up for the underdog and the disenfranchised. Anything strange, odd or unique ... we embrace that." So if you like to paint your nails black and the jocks look down at you with derision in John Doe High School in Anytown, U.S.A., you might find a kinship with Black Veil Brides.

The band is currently touring the U.S. all summer long. If you check them out, Purdy said you can "expect an arena-spirited band on a small club circuit level ... the best show you can get for the price of admission. Come see us now in the clubs while you can."

'We Stitch These Wounds' is out July 20.