Glam rockers Black Veil Brides will release their major label debut 'Set the World on Fire' on June 14th and while in the studio, this black clad, rebellious rock 'n' roll crew took inspiration from Def Leppard's gazillion-selling, 1987 platter 'Hysteria.'

"Not song or style wise, but sonically, our inspiration was Def Leppard's 'Hysteria,'" vocalist Andy Biersack told Noisecreep. "It's not in the way that the songs sound, but in how that album had that depth and layers. When we wrote, an honest idea came out and we'd finish, and then go back, take the time to add layer upon layer of noises, sounds, nuances."

Produced by Robert 'Mutt' Lange, 'Hysteria' featured such chart monsters as 'Pour Some Sugar on Me,' 'Animal,' and power ballad classic, 'Love Bites.'

'Hysteria' is noted as one of the best albums of the era, in terms of production. I am not the biggest Def Leppard fan, but to make our album sound big and to have that feel we loved as kids? That album served as the benchmark for what we wanted to do," said Biersack.

While writing and recording 'Set the World on Fire,' which is the follow up to the breakthrough, sleeper hit 'We Stitch These Wounds,' Biersack said there was one guiding principle, stating "We made the song happen and then we built everything else around the song."

Watch Def Leppard's 'Animal' video

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